YASH 2017 Fall Edition! #YASH

Hello and welcome!  The Fall 217 YA Scavenger Hunt is live.

Green Team

I’m Heather Davis, your hostess for this leg of the Team Green hunt.

Heather Stairs


About me:

In high school I was in a national TV commercial.
I was also voted most likely to laugh at her own jokes.
My favorite food is avocado on anything.
My favorite place to travel is Italy, but I dream of going to Iceland someday.
I’ve been writing Paranormal YA novels since 2005!


It’s been a while since I’ve done YASH but I’m excited to be participating as I’m launching a brand new Paranormal series this week with the debut of A CURSE SO DARK.

It’s the story of Lily Turner, who discovers when her deputy-sheriff father goes missing that her family’s been hiding a dark curse. As she and a handsome stranger––who’s concealing his own secret––search for Lily’s father, the full moon approaches, threatening to reveal everything to the tiny town of Pioneer Falls. It’s a fun, fast and romantic read and has a super-low debut price, so I hope you’ll check it out.

Also, when you get to Julie Reece’s blog on this team’s hunt, you can read a sneak preview of the opening scene of A CURSE SO DARK.

Ok, enough about me. If you’re just starting your hunt — here’s a few details you might want to know:


The hunt is live from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 8th — and there are seven grand prizes offered (one for each team). It’s easy to play. Each team post has a secret number, which you’ll add up to come up with the number to submit as your answer at the YASH website.


And now, for the hosting…

Please meet my featured Taylor Fenner



Taylor Fenner Author Photo(1)


Taylor Fenner grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. An admitted workaholic, when not working on a novel Taylor spends most of her time blogging about books on her blog, taking photos for her bookstagram account, binge watching the latest season of her favorite shows, and listening to music that’s sure to ruin her hearing eventually. Taylor is the author of 6 YA novels.





Taylor’s featuring her next book, CurseBreaker. Look at this gorgeous cover!






A Scorned Queen, A Cursed Prince, A Girl begging for love and adventure…

History Channel’s Vikings meets Norse Folklore and Mythology in this High Fantasy retelling of the Norwegian Fairytale, East O’ The Sun and West O’ The Moon.

Eighteen-year-old Helga “Hel” Daalgaard has accepted that the only love and adventure in her future live within the pages of the books her father brings for her from his travels. She’s content helping around the home she shares with her parents and eight siblings; it may be a dull life but it’s all she’s ever known… until a polar bear arrives at their tiny cottage and offers up a strange proposal.

After spurning his young stepmother’s advances, Prince Dyre is cursed to spend his days in the body of a polar bear. To break the curse he must find a woman to fall in love with him and stay with him for a year – but the woman of his choosing can never learn that he is truly a man or Dyre will be forced into a future even worse than spending his days as a polar bear. He thinks Hel could be the one to break the curse, but if Hel ever finds out what brought them together he may lose her forever.

Nobody ever crossed Viveka, Queen of Aldavellir, and lived to tell about it. Dyre is the only man alive that has turned her down but she’ll have him whether he likes it or not. She’ll make it impossible for the girl he’s chosen to last long enough to break the curse. After all, queens don’t have to play fair.




Sounds pretty interesting, right? preorder CurseBreaker here:



And now… here’s Taylor’s bonus material–– a playlist I’m surprised doesn’t have


songs on it. That plot could inspire a ton of music….


CurseBreaker Playlist


Music is always a big part of my writing process. Sometimes a random line in a song can break my out of my writer’s block or drive me onward when I’m not sure where to go next with a story. For CurseBreaker I used a mash-up of songs by strong, confident female singers, songs that reminded me of the era and genre I was writing, and I also threw in a few songs that are just great to write to. Check them out…


If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray –
This is the theme song for my favorite show, Vikings, which was a huge influence for me while writing CurseBreaker since it is set in Viking-era Scandinavia. This song helped me get into the overall mood of the story.


Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling –
This song is one of my favorites to write to. Since there aren’t any lyrics I can just get lost in the melody while I write.


I Am The Fire by Halestorm –
Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is possibly my favorite female singer of all time. Not only is she a great singer, but she is a great role model for women. I wanted to make my MC, Hel, a strong female for her era and this song reminds me of loving yourself and embracing who you are.


Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling (featuring Lzzy Hale)
This song reminds me of someone who’s trapped and just wants to be set free which was a great mindset to get into while writing in the perspective of Dyre, my male lead in CurseBreaker.


I Hate Myself for Losing You by Kelly Clarkson
This song is an old favorite of mine and perfectly fits a scene toward the middle of CurseBreaker. The opening lines were especially inspiring:
“I woke up today
Woke up wide awake
In an empty bed
Staring at an empty room
I have myself to blame
For the state I’m in today”


Absolution by The Pretty Reckless
Taylor Momsen is another female singer that I love and admire and this song is well… it’s about asking for forgiveness and wanting to be saved, both of which play a part in this book.


Someday by We Are Harlot
This song is about searching for that one person that will make you complete. It’s about knowing that person is out there and waiting for you even though you haven’t met them yet. It represents Hel’s hopefulness and longing for something more.


You by The Pretty Reckless
This is a song about wanting someone you can’t have. (Or at least someone you think you can’t have?) This is another song that I listened to while writing in Dyre’s perspective.


When I’m Gone by 3 Doors Down
“So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong
Hold me when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone
Everything I am and everything in me
Wants to be the one you wanted me to be”
If Dyre was going to write a rock love song for the woman he loves, this would be the song.


Castle by Halsey
This is the one song I thought fit in so well with the fantasy genre I was writing and I loved this song from the very first time I heard it. This song inspired one very big scene toward the end of CurseBreaker (which I can’t tell you about 😉 but trust me when I say it’s going to be… epic.)


Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
This song encompasses Hel’s transformation and journey in the second half of CurseBreaker – her change from the girl she was at the beginning of the novel to the girl she always hoped she could be, the girl everyone else already knew she was.




Want to learn more about Taylor’s books and CurseBreaker?

Here’s where you can find more info and connect:

Website: http://www.taylorfenner.com
Twitter: @TaylorFenner
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/taylorfennerwrites
Blog: http://taylorfenner.blogspot.com
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/taylorfenner



Thanks so much for joining me on the hunt. I don’t know about you, but I’m amassing a pretty big TBR list from this year’s selections.

What about you? Let me know in comments which books you’re most excited to read so far. And then, to continue the Team Green hunt please head to Kathleen Baldwin next!





8 Responses to “YASH 2017 Fall Edition! #YASH”
  1. David Bird says:

    Hi Heather, I am new to YASH, is red number 33 your number? only the authors I went to before you gave there numbers in green, and it through me a bit.
    Peace and love Dave

  2. I am excited to read the books in the Red Team. Thanks!

  3. Megan Coppadge says:

    I love YASH! So far in the green team your book A Curse So Dark and Curse Breaker look really good out of the ones I haven’t read! I’ve done the red, gold, blue, purple and pink teams and every time I finish one I think this is my favorite team but then I get to the next and I’m then like no THIS one is my favorite. Needless to say my tbr, which was already out of control, has grown a lot!

    • Hey Megan,
      Happy to hear you’re loving YASH! My TBR is already teetering too– but I’ll definitely be picking up some of the new titles I’ve seen on the hunt.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi.

    That is a hard question, each new author, new page I visit, is another book on my TBR.
    I’m greedy, I guess I want them all.
    A Curse so Dark seems like an amazing book and I have swoon over the cover. I’m crazy with covers and I have bought many books only by only looking at it’s cover and have miss some amazing stories out there because the cover wasn’t pretty enough. Yeah, I’m a bit crazy! 🙂

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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