A New Paranormal Series Announcement

A year ago, I dreamed up an idea for a new Young Adult Paranormal series, and I finally have news to share about it!

Pioneer Falls is a small logging town in the Pacific Northwest–– the kind of picturesque place where everyone pitches in to help their neighbors and also knows everyone else’s business. But there are some secrets people keep in town. Dangerous ones…

Aspiring journalist Lily Turner works to unravel some of the mysterious happenings in the area while keeping her own family’s dark curse hidden. But, as rival packs circle and hunters gather, the town may never be safe again.


A CURSE SO DARK will publish on October 5th.

Book Two will publish this November.

Book Three will follow this December.


That’s right — I am putting out three Pioneer Falls books in a row. And, you can read them all this year!

It’s been a lot of work to independently publish this series, but I am so happy to return to my first love––werewolves. And, as readers of the Never Cry Werewolf series know, I have a soft spot for dark, cursed heroes and adventure-seeking, smart heroines. (Just wait until you meet Lily’s crush, Morgan McAllister!)

I’ll be doing a cover reveal for A CURSE SO DARK next week. I can’t wait to show you the gorgeous artwork!

Thank you for reading and spreading the word on this new series.



P.S. These are publishing as eBook originals for now, but print may follow down the road.

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