Twists and Turns

IMG_4122It’s a Sunday morning, and I’m at my most favorite place in the world — my writing desk.  It’s true that I love the beaches of Hawaii and the terraces of Rome, but I feel the most like myself when I’m working on a story.

I haven’t posted in a while, so to catch you up, I’ll let you know that I spent most of this year working on publishing the third part of my Never Cry Werewolf series and then polishing a middle grade fantasy project, which is probably what writers call “the book of my heart”.  I’m taking a break from that beloved middle grade story now to work on a YA idea that’s been knocking around in my imagination for a few years.

Making this shift in projects feels like the difference between the careful creating you do when something is really revered and the reckless creating you do when you’re caught up in the passion of something.

The fervor to create feels good.  And on a new project, I’m on a ride in the dark with twists and turns I can’t see coming.   I think that’s the best way to figure a story out sometimes — writing into the void, surprising yourself as you will the reader, trusting your imagination to draw the map.

When I begin a novel, I know the ending of the story already (at least I think I do) but the fun of getting there, the mystery of how it all ends well at the place I’ve pinpointed, is something that keeps me writing.  And hopefully, my readers reading.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friends!  I am thankful for you.


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