Always in Shadow: A Novella — release day!

Always in Shadow_KINDLE I’m so happy to announce that Book Three — Always in Shadow: A Novella — is officially published and available Kindle and Nook here:

Barnes & Noble Link for Nook

Amazon Link for Kindle

Like the other stories in the Never Cry Werewolf series it’s appropriate for ages 12 and up.  And again, it’s a funny, sweet paranormal romance.  I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Love and Light,



7 Responses to “Always in Shadow: A Novella — release day!”
  1. mikysweet23 says:

    Can’t wait ❤

  2. destiney says:

    I finished this in abouy four of hours I couldn’t put it down. I’m so excited that Shelby accepted her inner wolf and Austin is finally happy .I would love this to continue it such a great love story !!!! I want to know what happens later down the road . There so much left to be desired.

  3. jennifer says:

    It cant end like that there has to be more, like her maybe having a baby, and something happens to her dad, the horsemen are still out there, eva falls in love with someone, and someone they trust is betraying them, the doctor maybe her father is alive being held captive making a serum for the bad guys, and does she get a serum or run free.

    • Great ideas, Jennifer! Thank you for writing me and sorry for the huge delay in replying. I don’t have plans to write another book in Shelby’s series… but more werewolf stories are in the future!


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