A Sneak Peek at Book Three

Always in Shadow_KINDLE For those of you who have been waiting patiently for Book Three of the Never Cry Werewolf series — Always in Shadow: A Novella, will be published this week.


Moonlight is Relentless…

Boarding school escapee Shelby Locke narrowly avoided capture by the Seven Horsemen, the brotherhood of hunters that nearly killed her werewolf boyfriend, Austin Bridges III.  Now she and Austin, son of the lead singer Burning Bridges, are on the run to Muldania, ancestral home of the furry.

But this visit with the Bridges family is about more than spending Christmas in a castle with rock stars.  Shelby needs the serum the Bridges werewolves use to control their lycanthropy — it’s clear from her strange cravings and sensitivity to moonlight, that Austin infected her the summer before.

It’s far from a silent night in Muldania — there are suspicious villagers with ties to the Seven Horsemen, sarcastic vampires that work for the band, and an obnoxious European pop princess staying at the castle.  Worst of all. Austin is overcome with guilt for infecting Shelby.  She worries he may never be able to love the creature she’s about to become.

The Bridges insist on keeping Shelby in lock-down for her wolf’s safety until after the full moon, but a legendary cure found high in the mountains might hold a permanent answer.  If Shelby can track it down, she can prevent the change forever.  But without support from the pack, she’ll have to sneak away and find it alone.

Will she hold off the pull of the moon — and, more importantly, will Austin and Shelby ever believe they are perfect mates, furry or not?

The final transformation awaits Shelby and Austin in this third installment of the popular Young Adult romance Never Cry Werewolf.


I’ll post a link to the downloadable e-book when it’s up and running…




2 Responses to “A Sneak Peek at Book Three”
  1. CCAM says:

    This is a great news! I liked the first two books.

  2. Sam says:

    This a beautiful cover. It is cool you let us see your vision of Austin. Looking forward to the release of the book. …,I am kinda hoping Shelby turns furry. The character has a very funny way of looking at things. I imagine her wolf would be just as interesting. However, your the dreamer so I can’t wait to see your dream. Cheers!

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