YA Scaveger Hunt Coming Soon…

I’m happy to be participating in Colleen Houck’s YA Scavenger Hunt that kicks off next month.  A bunch of great YA authors in a variety of genres are going to be joining in for giveaways, exclusive extras, and other fun things. The authors range from Sophie Jordan to Beth Revis to Clare Dunkle.  If you don’t already know these authors, you will soon.  They are awesome.

Basically, readers will visit the different authors’ websites to “collect” the goodies.  I think it will be super fun.  Look for more info coming soon, including exact dates.

I’m not sure what I’ll be contributing yet — I have to make a decision this week — but it may be some behind the scenes info on either The Clearing or my upcoming book, Wherever You Go.  Hmm… going to ponder that with my business manager Harper, while I enjoy this gloomy summer morning!




2 Responses to “YA Scaveger Hunt Coming Soon…”
  1. Tez Miller says:

    You and Harper are welcome together at Genre Cats anytime 🙂 http://genrecats.tumblr.com

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