Why YA?

An interviewer recently asked me why I thought so many adults were reading YA books these days. Well, I think there are some obvious reasons why even my mother has read The Hunger Games:

1) It’s a fast growing genre, so publishers are pushing out more new titles than ever before in YA. They are more widely distributed as the sales grow.

2) YA novels have universal themes of survival, falling in love for the first time, discovering who you are. They appeal across age demographics and are often timeless stories.

3) There’s exciting diversity in YA. You can find anyone from an LGBT teen to a post-apocalyptic vampire hunter cast in the main character role. There is room for every perspective, fantasy, and experience.

4) It’s great for parents to keep up with what their teens are reading. Mother-daughter book clubs are springing up and YA books give these groups the opportunity to discuss subjects that might otherwise be extremely uncomfortable.

What do you think? Why is YA striking a chord across the country and the world?



P.S. What I’m reading – Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green *pure awesomeness!*


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